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The Zagreb is a city. Zagreb (pronounced: ) is the capital and largest city of Croatia. Zagreb is the cultural, scientific, economic, political and administrative center of the Republic of Croatia with the houses of Parliament, President and Government of the country. The city's population in 2001 was 779,145 ^. (1,088,841 in the metro area).^. It is situated between the southern slopes of the Medvednica mountains and the northern bank of the Sava river at an elevation of 120 m above sea level, located at 45°48'N 15°58'E.

Interesting places in Zagreb:
Kvart Novi Zagreb "zapad"   Kvart Trnje
Botinec   Sveta Klara
MZ "August Cesarec"   MZ "Cvjetni trg"
Gornji grad / Upper town called Kaptol   Upper Town Grič
Kvart TreÅ¡njevka "jug"   Martinovka
MZ "Zrinjevac"   Kvart TreÅ¡njevka "Sjever"
Kvart Novi Zagreb "Istok"   Jarun lake
Nikola Å ubić Zrinski Square   Park Maksimir
Ban Jelačić Square   King Tomislav Square
Kaptol square   Cvjetno naselje
Zagreb Cathedral with Archbishop's Palace   The Westin Zagreb
Podsljemenska zona   Peščenica

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Nearest places of interest:

King Petar Svačić Square
Mažuranića trg
HŽ - Hrvatske željeznice
Strossmayer square
  Embassy of France (former US Embassy)
Croatian Academy of Sciences and Arts
MZ "Cvjetni trg"

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