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Interesting places in Visakhapatnam:
station to american hospital   RK Beach Road
Kailasagiri   Western Vizag
Simhachalam Hills   Dwaraka Nagar Zone
Lalitha Nagar   som's House :P
Samrat enclae   Raja Of Panagal Building AMC OFFICE
MGM SELVEE WORLD   Green Valley Foundation De-Addiction Centre
Muralinagar   Kailasagiri Vizag
pitapuram colony   Wedgewood Jasti Square Apartments
Visakhapatnam Port Trust   Gonthina vari beautiful village in vizag
Indira Gandhi Zoological Park   AU Pithapuram Quarters
Submarine Park - Vizag   Simhachalam
kambalakonda wildlife   Dolphin Hills
Project Hope  

Visakhapatnam pronunciation (helpinfo) (also Visakhapat-.t-.anamu, shortened and anglicized: Vizag or Vizagapatam) is a port city in the Indian state of Andhra Pradesh. It is located on the eastern shore of India, nestled among the hills of the Eastern Ghats and facing the Bay of Bengal to the east. The city is about 650km northeast of Hyderabad. The city is the administrative headquarters of Visakhapatnam District.


More than anything else, Vizag is known for it's beaches. It boasts a number of beaches that are both scenic and uncrowded. A few virgin beaches span along the eastern side of the city and stretch for miles. Do not go swimming, however, as the water is quite polluted with industrial waste. A spectacular beach only the locals are aware of is called the "Yarada" beach. Unfortunately, except for the occasional RTC bus, there is no public transport available. Still, the adventurous will find it rewarding if they can make an effort to get there. Its a private beach coming under therefor you need to pay a fee of Rs. 10/- to get onto the beach, but its worth.

  • Ramakrishna Beach.
Kali Temple at R.K. Beach

R.K.Beach is the most popular beach in the sense that, you can find the locals hanging out during the hot summers, and relatively less hot winters. On weekends and holidays, one can see that the entire beach comes alive, but not in a western sense where people take a plunge in the water, or surf. You can see people dressed in their best clothes, just sitting on the benches, or walking along.

  • Rushikonda.

Located 11kms away from the city, this has become a popular tourist spot that even the locals frequent. A lot safer to wade into than the R.K. Beach, cradled among hills, this used to be an excellent beach away from the madding crowds. AP Tourism Development Corporation is having its Beach Resort (Punnami) on the hillside overlooking the beach.

  • Gangavaram.
  • Bhimili

It is about 25 km from the city and is what used to be a small village also called . Apart from the beach, the village has remains in the form of a cemetery and a church.

The beaches are lovely, but, there are no activities like water sports, or beach cafes/restaurants/huts like you have in Goa. Recently a water sports centre was started in Rushikonda. There are very few beach resorts. Vizagites are traditionally quite conservative and though the beaches and the hills are beautiful, there is not much here to interest the average tourist. There has been some change in the recent times with the influx of employees of HSBC, HPCL, etc., and Naval Officers, who are interested in going out with their families and enjoying the golden sand and pollution free waters of Vizag's beaches.

Other places

  • Kambalakonda.
    Kambalakonda Sanctuary

A gorgeous nature preserve that many people in Vizag itself seem to be unaware of. The solitude and the peace that one can experience at Kambalakonda located within 20-25 minutes drive from the city center is priceless. A nominal entrance fee of 10 Rupees is charged per adult. The greenery, the hiking trail and the fantastic view of the ocean from the rather flimsy viewing tower give a welcome break from the hustle and bustle of the city.

  • Jagadamba Center.

Also called Jagadamba junction. Can be considered as Downtown and is a must visit place. There is all forms of entertainment avilable here, from scenic beauty to the noisy crowds. All the famous shopping centers and malls can be found here. Named after the Jagadamba movie theatre, one of the best movie auditoriums of the country when it was constructed and even today.

  • Kailasa Giri
Ropeway Terminal

A local favourite, a short ride on to this hill gives you a spectacular view of the sea, RK.Beach and Rushikonda Beach on right and left hand side. There is a huge sculpture of Shiva and Parvathi. With a children's play area, a people-mover akin to a ski lift called a ropeway. Beautiful scenic view can be obtained from the ropeway, specially in the evening, when the city comes alive with all the lights. The up and down fare for the ropeway is Rs. 44.(As on Dec.2006). An under construction doll museum and a couple of eating areas, this hilltop gives a nice birds eye view of the city also. Has several "viewpoints" affording wonderful views of the city on one side and winding beaches adjoining green hills on the other side. Vistors often fall in love with the "beach" city especially after vistiting Kailasagiri.

  • War Memorial
There is a war memorial on remembrance of the victory at the sea on 1971 Indo pak war. It is situated on the left side of Beach Road, just opposite to the Submarine Museum. There is a fighter plane, a tank and few bombs/ missiles kept as exibits. There is no entry fee and can be viewed from the road.
War Memorial
  • Matsyadarshini Aquarium

This aquarium is situated on the left side of Kali temple of R.K. Beach. It has a good collection of marine as well as freshwater fishes. Entry fee is Rs. 20 per person.(As on Dec. 2006). The exit gate of the aquarium resembles the open mouth of a huge white tipped shark. 'Kala Shrusti' a handicrafts sales shop is on the top of the aquarium.

  • Araku Valley.

A little further away from the city, but worth visiting for the scenic valley. A slow, passenger train leaves the Vizag station early in the morning, and the train ride is actually very enjoyable. Definitely not a day trip, but the recently constructed APTDC facilities can serve as a decent over night stay. Padmavathi botanical gardens is worth taking a look at.

  • Borra Caves.
Inside Borra Caves

Reputedly fantastic caverns that had their native charm earlier (one had to crawl to get in), these caves have been modernized recently by the Andhra Pradesh Tourism Development Corporation (APTDC).There is a entry fee of Rs. 25 in Borra Caves. Separate charges are there to enter with still or video camera.

  • Simhachalam

A must see on a trip to Visakhapatnam, for its architectural splendour although some of the sculptures were defaced during the Islamic invasions. The temple inscriptions date the earliest donors to the 10-11th centuries. The exact date of construction is unknown. It is located 15 kms from the city and is dedicated to the half man half lion avatar of Lord Vishnu. The temple bears reference to the Chola and Chalukya styles of architecture.

  • Ross Hill

A unique site to see is the area around Ross hill which has three hills dedicated to three different faiths in proximity to the port. Ross Hill, named after a certain Monsieur Ross who built a house on it in 1864, it has now been converted into a chapel Mother Mary's Church. The pathway to the shrine strewn with Catholic icon. Darga Pahad has the tomb of the Muslim saint, Sayed Ali Medina alias Ishak Medina, visited by Hindu and Muslim devotees alike. Attached to this is a mosque. Sri Venkateswara Konda, the third hillock, has a temple dedicated to the Lord. It is believed to have been built by an Englishman, Captain Blackmoor, in the 19th century. From this hillock you can see the port channel, which was the entrance of the inner harbor for ships and liners.


  • Submarine Museum
    is a one of its kind museum created in a real (now de-commisioned) submarine of Indian Navy.This is the first of its kind in eastern asia. This submarine is one of the earliest submarine procured from Russia. One gets to interesting facts of working in the submarine. The museum is manned by retired naval people. Entry fee for the museum is Rs.25 for the adults and there is a fee to take any camera or video camera inside.
  • Naval Museum is one more museum about maritime history of India. Again its a lovely museum displaying pictures, models and content of Indian maritime history.
  • Buddhist excavations Bojjana Konda, Thotla Konda, Bhavi Konda and Salihundam around Visakhapatnam were centres of Buddhism during the second century A.D. Several Buddhist monuments such as stupas and chaityas were erected at these places. It is said that some of the corporal relics of the Buddha were preserved at these places. Hence all these places became sacred places.
    • Bojjana Konda, near Sankaram village in the hamlet of Anakapalli, 40 km from Visakhapatnam, is one such place, where one can find architectural remnants of the Buddhist period, one of the earliest of its class in South India. It constitutes one of the most remarkable groups of Buddhist monuments dated from 200 B.C. to 700 A.D., found during excavations in 1906. On the eastern hill, there are a series of rock-cut caves, numerous groups of monolithic dagobas, standing on rock platform in tiers above each others and, crowning all, a rock-cut stupa with extensive structural remains. On the western side of the eastern hill is a stairway, partly rock-cut and partly structural, which leads up to a large double-storied cave. The cave is entered by a doorway and is flanked on each side by huge dwarapalas. The cave chamber is rectangular in shape and is divided into 20 compartments by four cross rocks of 16 massive pillars. In the centre is the rock-cut stupa standing on a square platform.

Location is derived from the great work of WikiMapia

Top photos chosen by u all:

దేవుడా నీకు అంత దయ పనికిరాదు  God should not be generous !!!

దేవుడా నీకు అంత దయ పనికిరాదు God should not be generous !!!
Made by srinivasa krishna
Koumudi is an 8 year old little girl. She came to the city of her Maternal Grand Parents to spend a few of her Holidays. She went to the Zoo with her Maama (Maternal Uncle). She loved every creature in the park. Especially, she liked this Giant Tusker very much. She noticed a group of noisy people around him. What are they doing there? she asked curiously. They are receiving his blessings - her Maama said. In what way the blessings of an Elephant are useful to them? Koumudi felt wondered. No, no, it's not simply an elephant, but, the form of Lord Ganesha - Maama replied. Is it ? Koumudi too, was keen on receiving the blessings and got them soon. She believed that those blessings would help her to do well in her studies. Later, she got a doubt. Maama, who is stronger ? Man or God ? No doubt, it is God - Maama was confident in giving this answer. Then, how is he arrested by the man ? - A sharp question was shot as swiftly as a dart by the little girl. Maama was puzzled by the question. See - Ganesha is seized with those chains Kundana showed the Elephant's foot. You see, Dear... Her Maama explained her: God is like Man's Father. Doesn't your father accept your desires? Doesn't your father carry you on his shoulders? Didn't he ever obey your order to bring chocolates and biscuits for you? It does not mean that your father is not stronger than you. So is this Ganesha. This is indeed, a way he entertains his own children Maama could not understand whether this answer could please Koumudi or not, because, before the discussion was prolonged, She heard the loud noise of other children and ran to see the gymnastics of Monkeys. The next Morning, She approached her Maama as soon as she woke up. Her eyes were not even fully opened. But, she declared firmly : Maama, God should not be so generous. O God, Are you listening to the vociferous advice of your little devotee? Explored # 308 (30 May, 2008)

Who Made Who

Who Made Who
Made by Bharat Ch
Let me analyze you. This is the most romantic thing I could say to a female, a she-wolf, a honey petal, the golden lioness. The sentence, as it is, with its four little words and a profound word 'Analyze', standing, sticking its neck out, might seem too curious, even egoistic. Nonetheless, hello, what's wrong with analysis? Don't we do it everyday? We analyze the shine on the toothpaste after we wake up, watch hazy, running feet when we go to work, feel the gear before setting it in. Smacking our lips before a kiss, touching the camera before a click and feeling the auto focus whirring inside, knowing loss when our knees are down, analyzing the triumph after punching an adversary down. Life, in all its glory, hardcore as it is, dazzlingly meaningful and pathetically meaningless in opposite POVs, is a very real, flaming illusion fanned by the existence of senses. So I gave it a thought, being the furious INTP I am, sifted non-result-oriented thoughts through the value system, and present the discovery to my readers, and to myself, for perusal after many years, for analysis. I so want to laugh this off after 3-5 years, but for now, this would suffice. So if at all, I say 'let me analyze you', to any of the females out there, mark my words, that would be the most romantic thing I can ever say. As for guys, I can say that while taking an interview. There are thin lines drawn between introspection, being eagles and megalomania. Three countries, boss... Where are we? To the squirrel who looks like it (due to the lack of the knowledge about its gender) is freaking analyzing and to fellow analysts. Title Dedication: AC/DC

Guiding her foot

Guiding her foot
Made by timtom.ch
At our friends' wedding in Visakhapatnam, India. In this ritual, which I belive is called Saptapadi, the groom guides the right foot of the bride over seven roots of turmeric placed on a bed of rice. After the seven steps, the husband recites a fragment from the Vedas: Dear Wife! By taking these seven steps, you have become my dearest friend. I pledge my unfailing loyalty to you. Let us stay together for the rest of our lives. Let us not separate from each other ever. Let us be of one mind in carrying out our responsibilities as householders. Let us love and cherish each other and enjoy nourishing food and good health. Let us discharge our prescribed Vedic duties to our elders, ancestors, rishis, creatures, and gods. Let our aspirations be united. I will be the Saaman (music) and may you be the Rk (Vedic text that is cast into music) Let me be the upper world and let you be the Bhumi or Mother Earth. I will be the Sukla (life force) and may you be the bearer of that Sukla. Let me be the mind and let you be the speech. May you follow me to conceive children and gain worldly as well as spiritual wealth. May all auspiciousness come your way. In other variants of this ritual, the bride crushes seven heaps of rice mixed with turmeric and betel-nut. (I'm struggling to understand all the details of these rituals, if you notice any mistakes, please do correct me!)

కూడు కన్నా స్వేచ్ఛ మిన్న Freedom is Dearer than Food

కూడు కన్నా స్వేచ్ఛ మిన్న Freedom is Dearer than Food
Made by srinivasa krishna
It is the Instinct of a Living Creature ! It is proved today, again. This little sparrow dashed into our house to escape from a group of chasing crows. The crows hesitated to invade into the house and waited outside. But the sparrow was afraid of me and flew out of the house. Luckily, she returned safely, by escaping another attack of crows. She was limping a little, and took her shelter in the book-shelf of my father. But, it seemed that she wanted to go out again. She was ready to take any perilous risk for her freedom !!! I wanted to save her life and closed all the doors and windows very quickly. She did not like it at all. Chirping aloud, she flew restlessly all over the house to find a way to go out. But all her efforts went in vain. Exhausted, she settled again in the book-shelf. I acted as if I ignored her presence and moved here and there for some time. At last, she understood that I was her friend and harmless. But she did not accept any kind of food offered by me. It was her mute protest for I seized her !!! Finally, the crows retired and retreated. I opened all the doors. But my little guest was very cautious this time. She was not hasty. Confirming that no danger was lurking around, after her survey, that lasted for little more than half-an-hour, she took off happily :-)

Solar Eclipse

Solar Eclipse
Made by Buddha with a Camera
In Hindu mythology there is a wonderful story that describes how the gods and the demons once formed an alliance to produce a nectar that could give them immortality. This is the story of the churning of the milk-ocean and the descent of Lord Visnu as the Kurma avatara, the divine tortoise. When the nectar that was churned from this ocean was being served to the gods, a demon, disguised as a god, sat between the Sun and the Moon in an attempt to procure the nectar. When he was detected by the Sun and the Moon, Lord Visnu immediately severed his head from his body. Unfortunately, it was not fast enough, for the demon had already tasted a small quantity of the nectar and had become immortal. Ever since, this demon is said to wreak vengeance on the Sun and Moon whenever they come near by swallowing them. The head of this great demon is known as Rahu. However, as he doesn't have complete body, the sun and moon comes out of his neck as soon as they swallowed. Rather stupid belief, but these kind of stupid belief are there in every religion.

Is it  6 June Today ?

Is it 6 June Today ?
Made by srinivasa krishna
Nowadays Kundana wakes up very early. She finishes her bath without crying. She doesn't show any interest in her breakfast as usually. She selects her own dress. She tries to clean up her big slate { With water, not with her tongue, of course :-) } After her own make-up, holding her slate in the hand, she walks to the gate. Then, suddenly, she gets a doubt and tries to clarify it - ಅಪ್ಪಣ್ಣಾ,ಈ ದಿನ ಜೂನ್ ಆರು ಅವುದಾ? Appanna, is it 6 June today? Kundana thinks that 6th June will be a Special Day for her. She has a reason. She paid her fees to join a Kindergarten, a few days ago. Her would-be teachers pampered her and asked her to join the school on 6th of June. Kundana instantly liked all her teachers. No wonder, Now, Kundana is eagerly waiting for that wonderful First day at School !!!


Made by liveandclicking
Get Wet, View it Large On Black.. Promise It will not disappoint you. :) I Was Little busy this past weekend.. Anyway here is the Info about this picture.. This is an image of a Rain drop splashing against a wall during monsoon in Vizag. The light you see here is natural and not a studio setup :) This is one of the image in my early P&S days which inspired me to go for a DSLR. I shot this image with a Canon Digital Rebel XT in 2006, lost exif info from the raw to jpg conversion using early version of picasa. Atleast from what i remember, it is one from few shots in burst mode at highest ISO Canon DR XT offers. Processing: Removed Noise using Noise Ninja Plugin, convert to BW and used curves to get this lowkey lighting..

A dewy pink Periwinkle

A dewy pink Periwinkle
Made by Venkat Yarabati
Noticed this amzing flower in the park one early morning while the sun is still not up to dry out the dew ! The fragrance and colour of the flower were out of this world. Gut feel said that there was something about this plant (a vine growing wild all over Vizag was later identified as a rare deciduous climber 'sandwich island creeper') so looked this up on the web. Apparently, this plant is a native of Madagascar, now spread all over world, known to Botanists as Catharanthus roseus or Vinca Rosea from Apocynaceae family, and due to its herbal qualities, used in diabetes treatment and in anti-cancer medications. ------Image captured in the walkers park (next to NTR park on ), Vizag, India during the monsoon season

Rice shower

Rice shower
Made by timtom.ch
At our friends' wedding in Visakhapatnam, India. Towards the end of the wedding ceremony, the newly married couple perform a series of playful rituals. Here, in the Talambra, the bride and groom shower each other with large handfuls of rice. When we asked the people around us for the meaning of these post-marriage games, we were told that it dates back from the time when marriage between children were still quite common. Young children of 11 or 12 years would quickly get bored during the various ceremonies, so games between the groom and bride were inserted between the rituals. Then and now, these games were also aimed to bring the bride and the groom closer to each other. (I'm struggling to understand all the details of these rituals, if you notice any mistakes, please do correct me!)

Gods on Kailash Hill

Gods on Kailash Hill
Made by Venkat Yarabati
Lord Siva (aka Shiva) and wife Parvathi, from Hindu mythology, sit majestic and 10 meters tall, on Kailash Hill (a mountain in easten ghats closest to Vizag city) in India. Notice the ornaments on the head of Lord Siva, the crescent Moon on his left, second wife Ganga (the goddess of water) on his right, and a necklace of king cobras. The Hindu Trinity consists of Lord Brahma as the Creator, Lord Vishnu (an avatar of ) as the Preserver and Lord Siva as the Destroyer. At larger sizes of this image you may notice the third eye on Lord Siva's forehead, which, when he is angry enough to open, is supposed to release destructive power of apocalyptic proportions and bring an end to all life and terminate the epoch.

Kotak (5th or 6th Grade)

Kotak (5th or 6th Grade)
Made by shastrix
Thanks to Dr. N Krishna Veni. Here's the list: (thanks to Krishna Veni and Som) Top Row: Usha Ramani, Jyothirmayi, P Sarada, Malathi, Dr. Usha Rani, Subhashini, NVP Saraswati, Dr. Krishna Veni, Praveena, Vidya Rama, SP Rama Devi, Usha Lakshmi Second Row: Chandra Mouli, KV Narasimham, J Chandu, ???, Nani (Somesh), Rajiev, TRK Paramahamsa, PS Srinivas, Titus John, E Ravi, Bhanu Third Row: ChSVS.Raju, Raama Shastri, Arvind Gupte (RIP), Bruce Robert Marley, Sailesh, Srinivas (Kodi),Cyril, Shanti Swaroop, G Ramaiah Fourth Row: Ajit Nair, Vommi Kiran, BV Prasad, Jitendar Kumar Parmar, Mark Marley, Dr. Pramila Abburi, Rajender (RIP, son Dr. Gopala Krishna Reddy, ex-Registrar of AU), Anji, David Marley, ???, Krishna Mohan Kneeling: Anuradha, HS Uma, Jyothi, S Devaki, Susheela, Padma

City of Destiny....!

City of Destiny....!
Made by satya4u
Visakhapatnam, or Vizag as it was often called, is the true spot where one can find the beauty of Andhra. Lapped by the Bay of Bengal, on the eastern part of Andhra Pradesh lies the beach city, Vishakapatnam. It is the best tourism destination in Andhra Pradesh. Visakhapatnam has beautiful hill ranges caves,valleys,temples and also from lakes to cool beaches and many more. The district has many tourism spots that will definitely be exciting, enriching and refreshing experience.It is one of the fastest growing cities in Asia. Visakhapatnam is a city of cultural & religious diversity.It has many tourism spots that represent the Culture and Heritage of the true India.No one should miss to see the Cultural constructions built during the age of kings who ruled this region.

Gods on Kailash Hill

Gods on Kailash Hill
Made by Venkat Yarabati
The statues of Lord Siva and wife, Parvathi, of Hindu myhtology, 30 feet tall, majestic, and the reason why this hill in Vizag, India, is named Kailash (after their abode). Notice the ornaments on Lord Siva, the Moon (crescent) on his left, second wife Ganga (the goddess of water) on his right, and king cobras as nacklaces. The Hindu Trinity consists of Lord Brahma as the Creator, Lord Vishnu as the preserver and Lord Siva as the destroyer. At larger sizes of this image you may notice the third eye on Lord Siva's forehead, which, when he is angry enough to open, is supposed to release destructive power of apocalyptic proportions and bring an end to the epoch.

The Long Beach Road...

The Long Beach Road...
Made by Venkat Yarabati
Look north when you reach the top of the Kailash hill (in Vizag, India) and you can't miss the long and winding road to Bhimili (a colonial Dutch town). This 25 km stretch of beach road, closely hugging the coastline on one side, and eastern ghats (hiils) on the other , is one of the most scenic and beautiful drives in the world. Many a movie director composed a song and dance for their films here. And every time you look, they say, you will find something new... Every Time....! You must see this in large size... ---- Photo captured in Vizag, on the south east coast of India

A bright yellow Marigold

A bright yellow Marigold
Made by Venkat Yarabati
A cheerful Marigold says hello and brightens the day for the weary morning walkers.... It's difficult to fathom (unless you are a botanist) that what you see is a collection of about 50 tiny flowers (with disc flowers in the centre, and the ray flowers around the sides) all arranging themselves to mimic a single large flower !!! Hence their family name Compositae. This is done to ensure the survival of species by attracting cross pollination agents like bees. Nature, eh? ------Image captured in the beach walkers park, Vizag, India during the monsoon season

Vizag city - a birds eye view

Vizag city - a birds eye view
Made by Venkat Yarabati
A view of the Vizag city on the south coast of India seen from top of the Kailash Hill, part of the eastern ghats mountain range, and on the leading to Bheemili. Please see this in large size to notice the subtlelites of the terrain and some landmark buildings in the background. Do not miss the Dolphins nose hill on the horizon, which provides natural protecttion for the Vizag Harbour, and the reason why Vizag is chosen as head quarthers for the Eastern Naval Command of India.

The Wisp and the  Shadow

The Wisp and the Shadow
Made by Venkat Yarabati
It was a sweltering and humid afternoon and while driving along the I noticed this lone cloud, it's lone shadow on the sea and something in between (I have no idea what that was but probably a meteorologist may enlighten me). And as usual, I had to inconvenience friends and family in the car to pull aside, whip my camera out and take the shot. --- Image captured on the east coast of Vizag, on Indian Ocean (Bay of Bengal) during the Monsoon season.

This Magical Smile has saved...

This Magical Smile has saved...
Made by srinivasa krishna
...her father from this HOT Summer. (Thus Comments are passed at her Home) Kundana's Father is an ardent Holiday-maker. But, surprising !!! He is not moving anywhere during this vacation !!! What made him change his regular pursuit this Summer? No, No, he is not afraid of the Summer, though it is hotter than ever. Then.....??? It is indeed this smile, made all that magic... Unable to miss it any more, her father cancelled all his plans of going on a tour... Saying thus, the family members are appreciating Kundana :-)

Pateelu Thimmareddy పాటీలు తిమ్మారెడ్డి

Pateelu Thimmareddy పాటీలు తిమ్మారెడ్డి
Made by srinivasa krishna
He is my Father, by the name Pateelu Thimmareddy. He worked as a Lecturer in Telugu language, in Mrs.AVN College, Visakhapatnam, Andhrapradesh, INDIA. Retired in 1995. He is an Excellent Poet and won Sahitya Academy Award for his Dvipada kavya of Ramacharitamanas, translated from Hindi into Telugu. A lover of Ancient Telugu and Samskrit literature. An expert commentator and orator on the subject of BhagavadGita and other literary and philosophical topics. PROUD TO BE HIS SON I AM !

పొట్ట నిండింది పరుగు ఆగింది  Resting after the belly is filled

పొట్ట నిండింది పరుగు ఆగింది Resting after the belly is filled
Made by srinivasa krishna
దాని పొట్ట నిండింది. అంతటితో దాని వెనుక నా పరుగు కూడా ఆగింది. You can see its life size if you go for large view. In Telugu Language, we call it - Seetaa-koka-chiluka. సీతాకోకచిలుక This is a swallow-tailed butterfly called the Crimson rose (Pachliopta hector). With thanks to tomato umlaut for the information. Explored: # 479 on 03 September, 2008


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Araku Valley
the Araku Valley in Andhra Pradesh India. Again, thank-you Lonely Planet for the idea....Araku Valley India Visakhapatnam Dhimsa Andhra Pradesh

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Kiran's New House at VIZAG
Finally i bought a flat in vizag. its a nice house having 2 bedrooms and one big hall....Kiran's New House at VIZAG

Rickshaw Passes Below My Balcony
a short clip of the street scene seen below my balcony here in visakhapatnam, india. check the sound of the rickshaw....india rickshaw

Dhimsa dance series_part2
Tribal dance of the araku valley tribes in Visakhapatnam district......Very famous and eye-pleasing...Culture Dance Tradition Tribes Region Travel

Montage photographique fondation MEG à Pondicherry Inde
orphelins et enfants abandonnés dans le besoin. Dans ses 2 villages à Puri et Visakhapatnam, la fondation héberge, nourrit et instruit 200 enfants jusqu'à ce

Three Friends Share an Umbrella
more rainy day clips from visakhapatnam. three men go arm in arm. it is perfectly acceptable for men to be physically affectionate in public with other men,

Vizag Sea shore
Went for a short visit to vizag before leaving hyderbad......sea vizag shore

Dhimsa dance series_part1
Tribal dance of the araku valley tribes in Visakhapatnam district......Very famous and eye-pleasing...Culture Dance Tradition Tribes Region Travel

Montage photographique fondation MEG à Puri Inde
orphelins et enfants abandonnés dans le besoin. Dans ses 2 villages à Puri et Visakhapatnam, la fondation héberge, nourrit et instruit 200 enfants jusqu'à ce

Kailasagiri Hill
A short movie and photos of our visit to Kailasagiri Hill in Visakhapatnam...Kailasagiri India Andhra Pradesh

Nearest places of interest:

Nehru Park, Ukkunagaram
som's House :P
Visakhapatnam Airport
  shanti nagar
Gonthina vari beautiful village in vizag
Meghadri Gedda Reservoir

Popular places:

New Delhi

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