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Ventilation shaft, Kilsby Tunnel

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Kilsby Tunnel Vent

Kilsby Tunnel Vent
Made by CraigMarston
At the side of the A5 near Kilsby, this strange structure can be seen. There are no doors and no windows and it looks the same all the way round... The tunnel was built in 1834 as part of the London & Birmingham Railway. At the time, it was the longest tunnel for steam engines (2.2km) and needed lots of ventilation! There are two of these castellated shafts, both just over 18m in diameter. The one shown is right next to the A5, near Watford Gap. OS Grid Ref. SP 565714

Kilsby castle thing

Kilsby castle thing
Made by Dominic Winsor
What are these? I drive past them on the A5 near Kilsby / DIRFT on my way to Leicester. There's a few of them. They're just brick built keeps in grassy fields. This is the 'Mercedes view' of one of them - Tom was driving

86250 Kilsby 26May80

86250 Kilsby 26May80
Made by david.hayes77
Storm clouds are gathering but still manage to catch a shot in the sun of class 86 no. 86250 working an up WCML service near Kilsby on 26th May 1980

Kilsby Airshaft

Kilsby Airshaft
Made by saxon_sky

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