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Twin Ring Motegi

The Twin Ring Motegi is a racing. Twin Ring Motegi is an automobile racing track located in Motegi, Japan. Its name comes from the fact that there are two race tracks at the facility: a 1.549 mile oval (2.493 kilometers) and a 4.8 kilometer (2.983 miles) road course. It was built in 1997 by Honda, as part of Honda's effort to bring IndyCar racing to Japan, as well as increase their own knowledge of that form of racing.

Interesting places in Twin Ring Motegi:
Twin Ring Motegi Road Course   Twin Ring Motegi Oval
Honda Collection Hall  

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Nearest places of interest:

Honda Collection Hall
Kasama Tsutsuji Park
  Twin Ring Motegi Road Course
Saigane Station (西金駅, Saigane-eki)
Twin Ring Motegi Oval

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