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The Traunstein is a city. Traunstein is a town in the south-eastern part of Bavaria, Germany and is the administrative center of a district by the same name. It is situated at the heart of a region called Chiemgau, approximately 11 km east of Lake Chiemsee between Munich and Salzburg, 15 km north of the Alps, and 30 km west of Salzburg. Its geographical location is 4752'N 1238'E. Traunstein has a population of approximately 18,000. The town's most famous inhabitant is the current Pope, Benedict XVI, who attended the priest's seminary here before moving to Munich for his university studies.

Interesting places in Traunstein:
Telekom Niederlassung Traunstein   Feuerwache Traunstein Feuerwehr
Railway Station Traunstein   Stadtplatz
Stadt- und Spielzeugmuseum   Annette-Kolb-Gymnasium Traunstein
Städtisches Schwimm- und Erlebnisbad Traunstein   Jacklturm
Klinikum Traunstein   Franz-von-Kohlbrenner- Volksschule (Hauptschule)

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Railway Station Traunstein
Annette-Kolb-Gymnasium Traunstein
Franz-von-Kohlbrenner- Volksschule (Hauptschule)
Stadt- und Spielzeugmuseum
  Feuerwache Traunstein Feuerwehr
Klinikum Traunstein

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