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Tiantan Park (Temple of Heaven)

The Tiantan Park (Temple of Heaven) is a temple. the Tiantan Park (Temple of Heaven) is part of Beijing , Ming dynasty Outer City .

Interesting places in Tiantan Park (Temple of Heaven):
Temple of Heaven Complex   Circular Mound Altar
Danbi Bridge   The Echo Wall
Hall of Prayer for Good Harvests   Long Corridor
Imperial Vault of Heaven   Qinian gate
Huangqian Hall   Baihua garden
神厨   成貞門
North Celestial Gate   The Divine Kitchen
九龍柏   具服臺
Hall of Abstinence   宰牲亭 - Sacrifice pavillon
Baihua Pavilion   望灯
Double-Ring Longevity Pavilion    宰牲亭
Seven Star Stones  

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Nearest places of interest:

Hall of Abstinence
神乐署 - Hall of ceremonial music
Danbi Bridge
  Qinian gate
Baihua Pavilion
Baihua garden

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