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The Tewkesbury is a town. , England. It stands at the confluence of the River Severn and the River Avon, and also minor tributaries the Swilgate and Carrant Brook. It gives its name to the district of Tewkesbury. The name Tewkesbury comes from the name of a Saxon who founded a hermitage there in the seventh century, Theoc, and in the Saxon tongue was called Theocsbury. (...)

Interesting places in Tewkesbury:
Tewkesbury Abbey   The Vineyards
Prior's Park   Abbey Cottages
Bishop's Walk   Tewkesbury School
The Anchor   Bell Hotel
Morrisons Car Park   Tewkesbury Cricket Club
Mitton   Royal Hop Pole Hotel
Alderman Knight School    Stonehills
Station Road car park   Tewkesbury Railway Station, Gloucs
Abbey Mill, or "Abel Fletcher's mill"   Tewkesbury Abbey Caravan Club Site
Abbey Lawns Car Park   Tudor House Hotel
Tewkesbury Hospital   My Great Grandfathers
Hop Pole Car Park   The Cross
Holme Castle (site of)  

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Nearest places of interest:

Tewkesbury Hospital
Lanes Court sheltered housing
The Wheatpieces
Sherdons GC
  Tewkesbury School
Alderman Knight School
Morrisons Filling Station
Morrisons Car Park

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