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Teide Observatory

The Teide Observatory is a observatory. The Observatorio del Teide (Teide Observatory) is an astronomical observatory on Tenerife operated by the Instituto de Astrofísica de Canarias. Opened in 1964, it became one of the first major international observatories, attracting telescopes from different countries around the world because of the good astronomical seeing conditions (...)

Interesting places in Teide Observatory:
Carlos Sánchez Infrared Telescope (TCS)   Bradford Robotic Telescope
Optical Ground Station (OGS)   Mons Telescope
Vacuum Tower Telescope   IAC-80 Telescope
CMB experiments  

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Nearest places of interest:

IAC-80 Telescope
Tunel de Güimar / Autopista TF-1
  Carlos Sánchez Infrared Telescope (TCS)
Mons Telescope
Optical Ground Station (OGS)
Bradford Robotic Telescope

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