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The Soundview is a neighbourhood. the Soundview is part of The Bronx .

Interesting places in Soundview:
Soundview Park   Bruckner - Soundview
Bronx River   Clason Point Projects
Morrison–Sound View Avenue Station (6)   Elder Ave Station (6 Train)
NYPD 43rd Precinct   Lafayette-Boynton Housing Projects
Bronx River Houses   Evergreen Gardens Housing Projects

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Nearest places of interest:

Lafayette-Boynton Housing Projects
Evergreen Gardens Housing Projects
NYPD 43rd Precinct
Clason Point Projects
  Cross Bronx Expressway / Bronx River Parkway Interchange
Cross Bronx Expressway - Hugh J Grant Circle Overpass
Bruckner - Soundview
Morrison–Sound View Avenue Station (6)

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