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Site of New Amsterdam

The Site of New Amsterdam is a historical layer / disappeared object. the Site of New Amsterdam is part of New York City, NY , Lower (Downtown) Manhattan , Financial District .

Interesting places in Site of New Amsterdam:
Wall Street   Broad Street Subway Station (J,Z)
Fort Amsterdam (site)   Bowling Green Subway Station (4,5)
55 Wall Street   New York Stock Exchange Addition
26 Broadway    Cunard Line Building
Wall Street Station   Coenties Alley
Alexander Hamilton Custom House    New York Stock Exchange
American Express Building   Rector Street Subway Station (N,R)
45 Wall Street   Starck Downtown
20 Exchange Place   One State Street Plaza
United States Express Company Building   52 Broadway
New York Cotton Exchange   New York Stock Exchange Annex
Broad Exchange Building   Bowling Green Building
23 Wall Street  

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Nearest places of interest:

Maritime Exchange Building
2 Broadway
55 Broad Street
ITT Building
  Broad Exchange Building
Lord's Court Building
50 Broad Street
40 Broad Street

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