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Sehzade Mosque Complex

The Sehzade Mosque Complex is a mimar sinan. the Sehzade Mosque Complex is part of Fatih (District) , Eminönü , Kalenderhane .

Interesting places in Sehzade Mosque Complex:
Şehzade Mosque   Hospice of Sehzade Complex
Madrasa of Sehzade Complex   Guestrooms of Sehzade Complex
The Tomb of Sehzade Medmed  

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Nearest places of interest:

Şehzade Mosque
İBB Zabıta Daire Başkanlığı
The Tomb of Sehzade Medmed
  Guestrooms of Sehzade Complex
Eminönü Vefa Lisesi (highschool)
Madrasa of Sehzade Complex
Burmalı Mescit Camii

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