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Sanctuary of Our Lady

The Sanctuary of Our Lady is a sanctuary. the Sanctuary of Our Lady is part of Lourdes .

Interesting places in Sanctuary of Our Lady:
Esplanade de Processions   Rosary Basilica
Esplanade de Rosaire   Way of the Cross
Lourdes Water taps   Accueil Marie Saint Frai
Old Hospital   'Hemicycle' Conference hall
Accueil Notre-Dame   Lourdes Baths
The Reconciliation Chapel   Museum of precious objects
Lourdes Cross   Lourdes Grotto
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Nearest places of interest:

Cité Saint Pierre
Camping Les 3 Vallées
Lourdes Baths
Lourdes Grotto
  'Hemicycle' Conference hall
Accueil Notre-Dame
Lourdes Golf Club
Lac de Lourdes

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