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The Puhoi is a village. Puhoi is a settlement located approximately 50 km north of Auckland, New Zealand. It was settled by Europeans on 29 June 1863 by a group of migrants from Bohemia, now a province of the Czech Republic, under the leadership of Captain Martin Krippner. This has given it the appellation of "Bohemian Settlement". Altogether three batches of migrants arrived between 1863 and 1866 (...)

Interesting places in Puhoi:
Puhoi Library   Puhoi Cottage Tea Rooms
Puhoi Rugby Grounds   Puhoi Hotel
Puhoi General Store  

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Nearest places of interest:

Koru Grove Waldorf School
North Shore Aerodrome
Puhoi Rugby Grounds
Wenderholm Regional Park
  Puhoi Hotel
Puhoi General Store
Mahurangi College
Ahuroa School

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