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Parliament Hill

The Parliament Hill is a parliament. Parliament Hill, (French Colline du Parlement), -"The Hill" for locals- is a scenic location on the banks of the Ottawa River in downtown Ottawa, Ontario. Its Gothic revival suite of buildings serves as the home of the Parliament of Canada. The best known building is the Centre Block, with its prominent Peace Tower, a national symbol. The richly decorated interior of the centre block contains allegorical scenes.

Interesting places in Parliament Hill:
Centre Block   West lawn
East lawn   Peace Tower
Library of Parliament    East Block
West Block   Centennial Flame
Statues of The Famous Five    Cat Sanctuary
Statue of Queen Victoria (1819-1901)   Canadian Police Memorium
Statues of Robert Baldwin (1804-1858) and Sir Louis-Hippolyte Lafontaine (1807-1864)   Statue of Queen Elizabeth II
Statue of George Brown (1818-1880)   Statue of Alexander Mackenzie (1822-1892)
Parliament Hill Cannon   Victoria Tower Bell
Statue of Thomas D'Arcy McGee (1825-1868)   Statue of Sir Wilfrid Laurier (1841-1919)
Statue of William Lyon Mackenzie King (1874-1950)   Statue of Sir George-√Čtienne Cartier (1814-1873)
Statue of John George Diefenbaker (1895-1979)   Statue of Sir Robert Laird Borden (1854-1937)

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Nearest places of interest:

West lawn
Statue of John George Diefenbaker (1895-1979)
East lawn
Centennial Flame
  Parliament Hill cliff
Statue of William Lyon Mackenzie King (1874-1950)
Peace Tower
Centre Block

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