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Nuremberg Castle

The Nuremberg Castle is a castle. rock in the north of the historical city of Nürnberg, Germany. It is comprised of three parts: the Emperor's buildings ("Kaiserburg"), the mostly ruined buildings of the rulers of Nürnberg ("Burggrafenburg"), and the buildings on the eastern side ("städtische Burganlage"). The castle was damaged in the Second World War but then reconstructed; today it is one of the main landmarks in Nürnberg. (...)

Interesting places in Nuremberg Castle:
Ehemalige Burggrafenburg   Sinnwell tower
Tiefer Brunner   Jugendherberge Nürnberg
Выступ скалы   Kinder- und Jugendhaus "Fünfeckturm"
Keramikwerkstatt "Fünfeckturm"  

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Nearest places of interest:

Tiefer Brunner
Памятник Альбрехту Дюреру
Sinnwell tower
Ehemalige Burggrafenburg
  Keramikwerkstatt "Fünfeckturm"
Kinder- und Jugendhaus "Fünfeckturm"
Бывшее караульное помещение у моста ведущего к замку через ров
Archivpark oder Colleggarten

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