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Moscow Kremlin

The Moscow Kremlin is a kremlin. the Moscow Kremlin is part of The central administrative district (CAD) Moscow , Tverskoy District , ПУТИН - ВОР .

Interesting places in Moscow Kremlin:
Troitskaya ploshchad' (Trinity square)   The Arsenal
Постаменты с артиллерией ХVI-ХIХ веков   Ivanovskaya Square
Large Kremlin Square   Presidential Administration Building
Участок кремлёвской стены между Угловой и Средней Арсенальными башнями   The Grand Kremlin Palace
Former Site of the Chudov Monastery   Участок кремлёвской стены между Спасской и Сенатской башнями
Patriarchal Chambers and Church of the Twelve Apostles   State Kremlin Palace
Commandant of the Moscow Kremlin   The old building of the Armory Chamber is located here
Cathedral of the Archangel Michael   Site of Anna Ioannovna palace in 1730-1736
Участок кремлёвской стены между Средней Арсенальной и Троицкой башнями   Here was located The Nikolaevskiy Palace
Cathedral of the Dormition   Участок кремлёвской стены между Троицкой и Комендантской башнями
Участок кремлёвской стены между Сенатской и Никольской башнями   Former Site of the Ascention Convent
Trinity Bridge   Ivan the Great Belltower
State Armoury Chamber  

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Nearest places of interest:

Patriarchal Chambers and Church of the Twelve Apostles
Cathedral of the Dormition
Tsar Cannon
Ivan the Great Belltower
  Former Site of the Chudov Monastery
Presidential Administration Building
Site of Anna Ioannovna palace in 1730-1736
Troitskaya ploshchad' (Trinity square)

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