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The Moscow is a city. Moscow (Russian: Moskva', Romanized: Moskva, IPA: helpinfo) is the capital of Russia and the country's principal political, economic, financial, educational, and transportation center, located on the Moskva River in the Central Federal District, in the European part of Russia. The name of the city is usually pronounced "Mos-koh" (rhyming with "toe") in British English and "Mos-kow" (rhyming with "cow") in US English. The city's population of 10.4 million permanent inhabitants within the city boundaries ^ constitutes about 7% of the total Russian population. Likewise, it is the most populous city in Europe. Historically, its position was central in the Russian homeland. It was the capital of the former Soviet Union and Muscovite Russia, the pre-Imperial Russian state. It is the site of the famous Kremlin, which now serves as the ceremonial residence of the President.

Interesting places in Moscow:
The central administrative district (CAD) Moscow   Земляной город
Tverskoy District   Bely Gorod ('The White Town')
ПУТИН - ВОР   Presnensky District
Khamovniki District   Раньше на этих улицах и участках площади было дорожное движение
Yakimanka district CAO   Kitai-gorod
Moscow Kremlin   Earlier Alevizov Moat
Опричная часть древней Москвы   Basmanny District
Ramenki District   Arbat - municipal district
На этом месте находился ров вокруг стены Китай-города   Остров Балчуг (Болотный)
Dorogomilovo District   Meshchansky District
Zamoskvorechye district CAO   Vodootvodny (Water Bypass) Canal
Krasnoselsky District   Ostankino District
Red Square  

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Nearest places of interest:

Luzhniki Olympic Complex
Vorobyovy Gory ("Sparrow Hills")
Лужниковский (Лужнецкий) путепровод
Здесь проходила улица Большие Кочки
  Здесь проходил подъездной железнодорожный путь к заводу «Каучук»
Trubetsky Park
Novodevichye Cemetery
Novodevichy Park

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