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Marine Corps Base Quantico

The Marine Corps Base Quantico is a government. The Marine Corps Base Quantico, near Triangle, Virginia, is one of the largest United States Marine Corps bases in the world. Known as the "Crossroads of the marine Corps", it is a major Marine Corps training base, covering nearly 100 square miles. The Corps' Combat Development Command is based here, which develops strategies for Marine combat, and makes up most of the community of over 12,000 military and civilian personnel, including families. It has a budget of around $300 million. The Marine Corps Research Center at Quantico pursues equipment R&D, especially telecommunications, for the Marine Corps. In addition, the FBI has its principal research and training facilities here, including a mock village, numerous labs, and equipment test ranges. Quantico is also the principal training facility for the Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA).

Interesting places in Marine Corps Base Quantico:
Marine Corps Base, Quantico, OCS   Town of Quantico
Marsh Center Parking Lot   Butler Stadium
Quantico Corporate Center   US Marine Corps Officer Candidate School
Quantico National Cemetery   Camp Barrett, The Basic School, Marine Corps Base Quantico
MCAS Quantico/ Turner Field   Quantico High School
Quantico, Va, Amtrak / VRE Station   Lunga Reservoir
Heywood Hall  

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Nearest places of interest:

Lunga Reservoir
Heywood Hall
Quantico National Cemetery
Interstate 95 Exit 148
  Prince William Forest Park, Camping Area 5
Prince William Forest Park, Cabin Area 5, Unit A
Merrimac Farm Wildlife Management Area
Brentsville Park

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