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Lititz, Pennsylvania

The Lititz, Pennsylvania is a borough. Lititz is a borough in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, 6 miles (approximately 10 km) north of Lancaster. It was founded by Moravians in 1756, and was named after a castle in Bohemia near the village of Kunvald where the ancient Bohemian Brethren's Church had been founded in 1457. The roots of the Moravian Brethren's Church date back to the ancient Bohemian Brethren's Church. For a century, only Moravians were permitted to live in Lititz. Until the middle of the 1800's, only members of the congregation could own houses; others were required to lease. The lease-system was abolished in 1855, just 5 years before the beginning of the Civil War. More information can be found in the book A Brief History of Lititz Pennsylvania by Mary Augusta Huevener, published in 1947.

Interesting places in Lititz, Pennsylvania:
Warwick Middle school   Lititz Springs Park
Wilbur Chocolate and Candy Americana Museum   General Sutter Inn
Lititz Moravian Church  

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Wilbur Chocolate and Candy Americana Museum

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