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The Liesing is a public telephone. Liesing is the 23rd district of Vienna. It was formed after Austria's Anschluss with Germany when Vienna expanded from 21 districts to 26. Fifteen Lower Austrian districts, especially the old legal jurisdiction of Liesing, were incorporated into the 25th district. After the allied occupation of Vienna, this law was not recognized and Liesing became a part of lower Austria in the Soviet occupation zone. In 1946 a law intended to alter the districts of Vienna was vetoed by the occupation authorities. In 1954 the objection was withdrawn. Liesing was one of only two districts that remained in Vienna in the new organization. The areas Breitenfurt bei Wien, Laab im Walde, Purkersdorf, Perchtoldsdorf, VŲsendorf, and Kaltenleutgeben returned to Lower Austria. Since 1954, the 23rd district has been composed of the following former districts: * Atzgersdorf * Erlaa * Inzersdorf * Kalksburg * Liesing * Mauer * Rodaun * Siebenhirten

Interesting places in Liesing:
Liesinger Hauptplatz   U6 Station Siebenhirten
Wohnpark Alt-Erlaa   Pfarrkirche Inzersdorf
Wotruba Church   Pappelteich (ehem Milit√§rschwimmbad)
Kollegium Kalksburg   Friedhof - Mauer

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Nearest places of interest:

Liesinger Hauptplatz
Brunn am Gebirge
U6 Station Siebenhirten
Shopping City S√ľd
  Wohnpark Alt-Erlaa
ARIX - Jägerhausgasse
Friedhof - Mauer
Orthopädisches Krankenhaus Speising

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