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The Leopoldsberg is a mountain. The Leopoldsberg (425 m, 1,394 ft) is perhaps Vienna's most famous overlook, towering over the Danube and the city. Leopoldberg's most prominent landmark is the church which stands at the top, and which is clearly visible from Vienna below. The construction of Saint Leopold's Church on Leopoldsberg began in 1679; an expansion following a design by Antonio Beduzzi was undertaken from 1718 to 1730. Other renovations were to follow. Across the square from the church, on what used to be a tower of the fortification system, a memorial to those Austrians who returned home from captivity after World War II was created in 1948.

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Бывший вагон канатной дороги
Parking Lot Kahlenberg
St Michael
Lycée Français de Vienne Kindergarten & Volksschule
  Tegetthoff-Kaserne (Schließt 2005)
Leopoldsberg 425 m
Гора Леопольдсберг

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