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Lantau Island

The Lantau Island is a island. Lantau Island (based on the local old name of Lantau Peak Lntu, Ragged Head; / pinyin: Dyu shan, Cantonese: Tai yue shan, Big Island Mountain), also Lantao, is the largest island in Hong Kong, located at the mouth of the Pearl River. Administratively, it is part of the Islands District, but a small part in the northeast of the island belongs to Tsuen Wan District. It has an area of 146.38 km. Originally the site of sleepy fishing villages, the island has in recent years been transformed with the development of several major infrastructure projects, including Hong Kong's new international airport and Hong Kong Disneyland.

Interesting places in Lantau Island:
Hong Kong Disneyland Resort   Hong Kong Disneyland
Disneyland Backstage Area   Inspiration Lake Recreation Centre
"it's a small world!"   Chi Ma Wan Peninsular
Disney's Storybook Theater   Lantau Peak
Autopia   Pui O
Hong Kong Disneyland Hotel   Animation Academy
Disneyland Resort Public Transport Interchange   Lantau Camp
Jungle River Cruise   Summit of Lantau Peak 鳳凰山 山頂
"it's a small world!" International Gateway   Headland Village
Disney&039;s Hollywood Hotel   雙龍石澗
Greenvale Village   Fantasy Gardens
藏龍石澗   Shek Pik Reservoir
DB Plaza  

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Nearest places of interest:

Lantau Peak
Summit of Lantau Peak 鳳凰山 山頂
Lantau Camp
  Caribbean Coast
MTR Siu Ho Wan Depot
Tung Chung
Yat Tung Estate

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