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Interesting places in Kunming:
Site of walled city of Kunming   Green Lake / Cuihu Park(翠湖)
Kunming Zoo   Kunming Wujiaba International Airport (IATA: KMG, ICAO: ZPPP)
陸軍講武堂購址   Yunnan University
Daguan Park (大观公园)   Yunnan Normal University Campus 1
National Minorities Park   YunNan shifan daxue
Kunming Bei Zhan (Kunming North Railway Station)   Kunming Sports Complex
site2   圆通寺庙
Kunming Institute of Botany, CAS   Kunming Municipal Government Office (昆明市政府)
云南财经大学   โหลสุวรรณ shop
Tai Yang Xin Cheng   Kun Ming Li Gong Da Xue
近日公园   Baozhu Temple
Làng văn hoá Châu Đông Á   金马碧鸡坊
Huating Temple  

Kunming (Chinese: ; pinyin: Kunmng; Wade-Giles: K'un-ming) is the capital of Yunnan province, China with an estimated population of 3,740,000 including 1,055,000 in the urban area. It is located at the northern edge of the massive Lake Dian. Because of its year-round temperate weather, Kunming is often called the "Spring City ()."

  • Provincial Museum - admission is 10 RMB - the museum has several permanent exhibitions on the history of the Kunming area and contains a collection of artefacts dating back over 2500 years. The collection is excellent, the exhibition visually spectacular & has a large amount of information in English. This really is a great museum.
  • Kunming City Museum, a simple museum whose main attraction is a central pillar taken from an old temple (now destroyed) and other relics from the Dian kingdom (a tribute state of the Western Song dynasty). Admission is 5 RMB, free on Sundays, and includes a tour. As at August 2006, the main attraction, the fossil & dinosaur exhibition is currently undergoing complete renovation & is not open for visitors. A large part of the museum is taken up by a series of shops selling fossils/minerals (warning : many of the fossils are fakes) plus overpriced Chinese paintings, textiles, porcelains & some furniture.
  • Kunming Botanical Gardens
  • Karst Topography
  • Dianchi Lake
  • Cuihu Lake Park, Greenlake Park, located near the University in the Northwestern part of town, is a pleasant expanse of park and lake that serves as a mellow hang-out.
  • Village of Ethnic Culture-expensive and basically a minority disneyland, this tourist attraction highlights how the Han Chinese view thier minority citizens as ethinic sideshows. Tromp around and see faked architecture of various Yunnan minorities. If you don't have any time to get outside of Kunming, this might be your best bet to experience the province's minority culture. Otherwise, don't bother, just hang out in the real thing in Xishuangbanna or in the northwest.
  • Jindian (Golden Temple) Park
  • Western Mountain Forest Reserve
The stone forest near Kunming
  • Stone Forest - located about 2 hours by bus from Kunming (luxury buses depart regularly from east side of main railway station - 20RMB to Stone Forest - other buses may charge RMB90 for the same trip. Note : if one of the touts working in front of the train station assist you to find your bus their RMB10 commission will be added to your fare) this is a UNESCO listed site of remarkable Karst geography. Good weekend trip & lots to see. Entry is a little pricy at RMB140 per person per day but you can get an annual pass for RMB160 for unlimited entry to the Stone Forest & 4 other nature reserves. It is not possible to chenge currency at the sole local bank & their ATM often does not work. Very good Youth hostel (RMB160/night double) or can get room at Stone Forest Hotel (inside the nature reserve) for RMB200/night for good a/c double room (including horrible breakfast). Local restaurants are pricy but noodle shop in main street has great food from RMB3 per bowl. See :
  • Jiuxiang Scenic Spot, a complex of caves and scenery about 80 Km outside of Kunming. Tour buses cost about 300 to 400 RMB and usually include admission. Otherwise, public buses run from the Eastern bus station to the town of Jiuxiang or nearby towns. If you time it right, you can get a direct bus, otherwise two buses will do, for a total cost of about 35 RMB per person. Entrance to the park is a steep 90 RMB.
  • Yuantong Temple
  • Grand View Pavilion
  • Qiongzhu (Bamboo) Temple- an amazing work of art hidden in a temple a mile or two up the mountains encircling Kunming. A mixture of life-life figures in totally fantastical positions (man whose eyebrows grow down to the floor, monks ridding giant fish), this is some tripy artwork that's worth the trip.
  • Local Muslim culture and food

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Jiangwutang Military School

Jiangwutang Military School
Made by Walk'nSean
Jiangwutang Military School (Jiangwutang means “hall of emphasizing military affairs”) was built in the late Qing Dynasty, and remains a key national-level cultural preservation site. It was one of the earliest Western-style military academies in China. Most of its students were members of Sun Yat-sen’s fraternal organization, and the school played an important role in the 1911 uprising that overthrew Qing rule as well as the “Protect the Nation” movement several years later. It is the alma mater of PRC heroes Zhu De and Ye Jianying. The Long March picked this site for an exhibition called Indoctrination, which was held just outside the history museum.

the silence of the lambs

the silence of the lambs
Made by J316
Amplified Bible (AMP) John 15:26 But when the Comforter (Counselor, Helper, Advocate, Intercessor, Strengthener, Standby) comes, Whom I will send to you from the Father, the Spirit of Truth Who comes (proceeds) from the Father, He [Himself] will testify regarding Me. Then I heard the voice of the Lord saying, Whom shall I send? And who will go for us? (Isaiah 6:8) You are the light of the world. You are the salt of the earth. I am the vine and you are the branches. As the Father has sent me, I am sending you. This is more a reminder to myself as i look again at this 16th century Taoist brass edifice.

Kunming`s Jahriya Sufi mosque 昆明哲赫林耶崇德清真寺

Kunming`s Jahriya Sufi mosque 昆明哲赫林耶崇德清真寺
Made by Frogdeck
This is a brand new (built in 2004) Chongbai mosque in Kunming, the capital of the South-Western province of Yunnan. It belongs to the Jahriya sufi order, and its dome is designed to resemble the traditional six-horned caps the Jahriya sufis wear in China, distinguishing themselves from other non-sufi and non-Jahriya Muslims. This mosque is a modern enterprise, with the ground and first floor occupied by shops and offices. These are run by external tenants, and the rental fees go to the mosque managing committee. The praying hall, muslim school and muslim guesthouse occupy only the upper floors.

Domi Dao

Domi Dao
Made by Areldos
quest'uomo è membro di DieciCento e di DieciCento People. Non ha ancora postato una sola foto su Flickr... ma ci sto lavorando. E dire che in Cina qualche scatto carino lo ha fatto. E dire che ha ereditato la mia Nikon D70s (e non l'ha ancora usata...) Diecicentini, please, non è che organizzate un photowalk Domi-compatibile (chessoìo, la città della tecnologia, oppure qualche torneo di arti marziali o roba del genere), così magari riesco ad attaccargli in maniera definitiva il morbo Flickr?

Feeling like a Lion in a cage

Feeling like a Lion in a cage
Made by Philou.cn
A neighboor of mine, a male Lion lying down on a wooden bench. The cage is pretty dark but the sun was illumanating His face for a while. At one point, he stood up as a female lion was caling in the next cage. They talked to each other briefly, then he came back to the exact same place, allowing me to take another pictures. The darkness could erase the 'wire netting' of the cage. I really didn't expect to take such a picture. I hate Zoos.

Today's seagull

Today's seagull
Made by Philou.cn
in Cui Hu today... it's so much fun to take the seagulls in picture, i'm going back tomorrow! (it's on my way to school anyway) In Kunming's Green Lake, you can see the seagulls every year during the winter (it hasn't been always like that, there was a time when the seagulls were not stoping in Kmg). People are feeding them. This year, I first spotted them on Cui Hu on November 4th.


Made by Kaj Bjurman
A shot that I took in Kunming while I walked by a stranger. You can often see that people who are driving scooters are wearing protection over their mouth and nose. I heard that chinese people are wearing them for two reasons. 1) To protect from pollution. 2) To protect others if they got a cold. I don't know if it's true, but that's what I heard :) Btw. Most scooters that I saw were electric.

Kunming - Boy and Dog

Kunming - Boy and Dog
Made by A. Lusignan
I was invited into one of the houses slated to be buldozed, for some tea and sunflower seeds. My chinese is pretty poor, so communication had to be by means other than words. I ended up teaching their son how to juggle. He was only 8, but caught on quickly. I was trying to take a picture of their dog, but he wouldn't keep still... The boy helped me out in his own special way... :)

Swallow-tailed Moth??

Swallow-tailed Moth??
Made by Nuytsia@Tas
Ourapteryx species found just outside the Expo Gardens, Kunming, Yunnan, China. This looks a lot like Ourapteryx sambucaria but is perhaps Ourapteryx clara or Ourapteryx primularis or similar taxa. Please see comments by HKMoths who helped to ID this.

Traditional Dresses in Yunnan

Traditional Dresses in Yunnan
Made by ஃ முதல் அ வரை
Yunnan province in China is known for Pu-erh Tea and its diverse ethnic groups, around fifty different nationalities (different ethnic group are called nationalities around here) live in this province. I believe these are the traditional dresses of those ethnic groups, tourist can try it on for a price. Kunming, Yunnan (Winter 2006)

Just Hot Delicious food

Just Hot Delicious food
Made by christian_trabold
Delicious food If you don't like the delicious food, that dose not like the life .A person who likes the delicious food, Certainly likes the life ,accordingly who can deny she is not happiness. Seen on a snack bag in Kunming, China. The food was OK, but I could not swallow this chinglish masterpiece.

all over 80

all over 80
Made by shakmati
This photo (and several others in my China set ) were taken during a festival - it's a little village in Yunnan - the people there are (mostly) decendants of the last outpost of the Mongol army. During the festival they carry images of Khubla Khan and two other Khans in small shrines.

Tofu Snack

Tofu Snack
Made by polarapfel
A spicy tofu snack at a street restaurant in Kunming. This picture was taken with a Minolta XD7 and a MD 50mm, f/1.2 on Kodak Professional Elite Chrome 100. I scanned it (the scanner did a poor job) and applied some post processing in Aperture, repairing the crappy scanner work...

All Those Born With Wings

All Those Born With Wings
Made by Fusty Box
Dead or derelict? it was difficult to ascertain ... he looked healthy enough though there was no obvious sign of breathing... probably still on this earth. There was warmth in the sun on that leafy boulevard, a few bicycles and the odd truck clattered by, unmoved.

昆明 Kunming

昆明 Kunming
Made by KiKiKing
在昆明長大的我感覺到昆明是個發展極快的城市。宜人的氣候使得更多的商人來此投資和居住,更是旅行者探索雲貴高原的中轉站。 前景是昆明老街,她是昆明的歷史和文化,最近剛做了翻新。

Broken lotus

Broken lotus
Made by iNeo.
The autumn is coming while the nature is changing. Nothing will last nice forever but it can always be nice again. This is life... Recommend the LARGE on BLACK


Made by shakmati
This boy was on his way to the lake. I took this photo in a small village in China, and the people who live there are descended from Mongolian soldiers from the time of the Great Khans. Photo taken with 120 film, Chinese Seagull Medium Focus.

by the gallon

by the gallon
Made by Ian Riley
actually by 5 litres. Oil is important in Chinese cooking and usually a whole isle or more is devoted to providing it in large volumes. It is difficult to get it in small containers, unless you buy imported olive oil at extortionate prices.

Traffic Mix

Traffic Mix
Made by polarapfel
A representative mix of the average Chinese transport. Still a lot of people use public transportation, mainly students and the elderly. Cabs are cheap and available everwhere. Bicycles are becoming less and less popular though.


Made by abelvideo
Daguan park funfair CinaOggi.it - China Photography - www.cinaoggi.it/index.php?option=com_datsogallery&Ite...


Kunming City of China
Kunming City of China...Kunming

Driving from KunMing to DaLi (YunNan, China)
from KunMing, you can drive up to DaLi, about 4 hours time. The road condition is very good. And from DaLi, you can drive to

12 hrs in Kunming
An afternoon and evening in Kunming...Kunming China

Music Video From Kunming Tour 2006
Music Video from Kunming june, 2006... Nice people!!...Kunming

The lagest World Horty-Expo Garden at China YunNan KunMing
from downtown city. you may need one day touring the whole garden....China YunNan KunMing largest horticultural gardening garden expo exhibition flowers plantation arborretum

Kunming, China
Travel to Yunnan Province of China. We visited Kunming, Dali & Lijiang....Dali Lijiang Kunming China

China KunMing downtown walking street by night
mood at night time when you are walking along the walking street downtown city KunMing China...walking street relax night time downtown city KunMing YunNan China

Stone Forest, Shilin, Kunming, Yunnan, China
(Shi Lin) which is something unique in the world of nature...xina 中国Zhōngguó 中國china chine Yunnan 香格里拉县stoneforest shilin kunming 昆明

China Kunming Street Performance
Visiting Kunming (Yunnan Province) I walked into a street performance of traditional sorts. I love this stuff !!!...China Kunming Performance

Highlights from the Kunming 2007 Culture and Tourism Fest
highlights from 05/04/2007 Kunming, China's Culture and Tourism Festival concert showcasing young, local talent....Kunming China Yunnan Gokunming.com gokunming

Kunming City Center (2/2)
Kunming, city center...Kunming China City Yunnan

China Trip (Kunming)
pictures of china trip...CHINA TRIP( LPS)

YanQuan buddhist temple at KunMing China
know more about buddhism history, come to this place, you can get some interesting information about it....buddhism buddhist temple YanQuan KunMing China

Yuantong Temple, Kunming, Yunnan, China
. Yuantong Temple is at the foot of Yuantong Hill in the northern part of Kunming. With a history of more than 1200 years, Yuantong Temple is the

Bangkok Kunming
The flight from bangkok tot Kunming...Flight Bangkok Kunming


Guilin & Kunming, China
, disembark from the Li River to return to Guiling by road and after go to Kunming...Guilin 桂林; Guìlín Guangxi Zhuang China 昆明Kūnmíng


China KunMing traditional eating
Very special of YunNan traditional eating, go downtown food street, you can easily find it....China KunMing traditional eating food

Nearest places of interest:

National Minorities Park
Skylift across lake
new asia athletic park kunming
Chenggong New Town
  Kunming Wujiaba International Airport (IATA: KMG, ICAO: ZPPP)
Tanhua Temple
Выставочный центр
Kunming railroad station

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