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Joshua Tree National Park

The Joshua Tree National Park is a park. Joshua Tree National Park is located in south-eastern California. Declared a U.S. National Park in 1994, it was previously a U.S. National Monument. It includes 1,234 mi˛ (3,196 km˛) of land. A large part of the park is designated wilderness area; some 914 mi˛ (2,367 km˛).

Interesting places in Joshua Tree National Park:
Joshua Tree Geology Tour Road   Jumbo Rocks Campground
Jumbo Rocks   Keys View
Cholla Cactus Garden   Cottonwood Springs Campground
Only lake in Joshua Tree National Park   Indian Cove Campground
Hidden Valley Campground   Black Rock Campground Joshua Tree National Park
Cottonwood Springs   Coxcomb Mountains
Ryan Mountain   White Tank Campround
49 Palms Oasis   Lost Horse Mine
Skull Rock   Barker Dam Parking Area
Ryan Campground  

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Nearest places of interest:

Mecca Hills Wilderness Area (BLM)
Painted Canyon / Ladder Canyon
Cottonwood Springs Campground
Cottonwood Springs
  Virginia Dale Mining District
Coxcomb Mountains
Cholla Cactus Garden
White Tank Campround

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