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Jingshan Park

The Jingshan Park is a park. the Jingshan Park is part of Ming dynasty Inner City , Imperial City, Beijing , Bac Kinh in Viet Nam .

Interesting places in Jingshan Park :
Wanchun Pavilion   Shouhuang Palace
Qiwang Tower   Jifang Pavilion
Xuan gate    Yongxi Palace
Guanmiao Pavilion   Mianxi Hall
Zhoushang Pavilion   East Gate
Jixiang Pavilion   Fulan Pavilion
Guande Hall  

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Nearest places of interest:

Wanchun Pavilion
Jifang Pavilion
Guanmiao Pavilion
Qiwang Tower
  Mianxi Hall
Guande Hall
Xuan gate
Shouhuang Palace

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