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The Guadalcanal is a island. Guadalcanal is a 2,510 square mile (6 500 kmē) island in the Pacific Ocean and a province of the Solomon Islands. The island became the scene of the important Guadalcanal Campaign during World War II. The island, which is mainly jungle, contains the national capital of the Solomon Islands, Honiara, and has a population of 109,382 (1999).

Interesting places in Guadalcanal:
Honiara   Honiara International Airport
Marau Sound   Tavanpupu resort
Fighter One (site)   GBR
Battle of the Tenaru - a/k/a Alligator Creek    IRON BOTTOM SOUND HOTEL

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Nearest places of interest:

Bellona Island
Deboyne Atoll
Marau Sound
Tavanpupu resort
  Purvis Bay
Nggela Pile
Battle of the Tenaru - a/k/a Alligator Creek
Fighter One (site)

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