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The Glückstadt is a Stadt, Kleinstadt. Glckstadt, a town of Germany in Schleswig-Holstein, on the right bank of the Elbe river, at the confluence of the small river Rhin, and 28 miles NW of Altona, on the railway from Itzehoe to Elmshorn. Glckstadt is a part of the Hamburg Metropolitan Region (Metropolregion Hamburg). Population in Glckstadt (2004) 12,600.

Interesting places in Glückstadt:
Port of Glückstadt   Bahnhof Glückstadt
Detlefsen-Museum im Brockdorff-Palais  

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Nearest places of interest:

Detlefsen-Museum im Brockdorff-Palais
Port of Glückstadt
Bahnhof Glückstadt
  Amt Horst-Herzhorn / Borsfleth
Amt Krempermarsch / Elskop
Fähranleger Glückstadt

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