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The Gladbeck is a Stadt, Großstadt. Gladbeck was originally a small village of 300 inhabitants, until the 1870s when coal was found. It rapidly grew by immigration from the surrounding Prussian provinces Westphalia and Rhineland and from eastern provinces of Prussia including citizens with Polish as their native language. Gladbeck was heavily damaged in World War II.

Interesting places in Gladbeck:
Stadtpark, Wittringer Wald   Stadtbücherei Gladbeck
Stadthalle Gladbeck   Gladbeck-West Bf
Wasserschloss Wittringen   Neues Rathaus (mit Stadtarchiv)
Hertie   Zentrale der Sparkasse

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Nearest places of interest:

Gladbeck-West Bf
Stadtpark, Wittringer Wald
Neues Rathaus (mit Stadtarchiv)
Stadthalle Gladbeck
  Primary school Im Broemm
Halde Oberscholven
Beck Castle (Schloss Beck)
Mystery River

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