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Financial District

The Financial District is a downtown / central business district. the Financial District is part of New York City, NY , Lower (Downtown) Manhattan .

Interesting places in Financial District:
Canyon of Heroes   Site of New Amsterdam
World Trade Center Site - "Ground Zero"   WTC Last Traces (Visible 2001-2005)
National September 11 Memorial   Wall Street
Broad Street Subway Station (J,Z)   Zuccotti Park
North Memorial Pool/Former 1 World Trade Center Footprint   One Liberty Plaza
Trinity Churchyard   United States Realty Building
Former 5 World Trade Center   Fort Amsterdam (site)
Wall Street Subway Station (2,3)   Former 6 World Trade Center
Bowling Green Subway Station (4,5)   Former 4 World Trade Center
Ruins and reconstruction of PATH train tracks   Former 7 World Trade Center (Site)
Peter Minuit Plaza   Federal Hall National Memorial
14 Wall Street   Four World Trade Center
South Memorial Pool/Former 2 World Trade Center Footprint  

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Nearest places of interest:

Wall Street Subway Station (2,3)
60 Wall Street
American International Building
Seaman's Bank for Savings
  110 William Street
99 John Deco Lofts
New York Federal Reserve Building
Westinghouse Building

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