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The Dordrecht is a city. Dordrecht (population 119,649 2004), or in English: Dort, is a city in the Dutch province of South Holland, the third largest city of the province. The city can be found at the place het Drierivierenpunt (three river junction) where the Beneden Merwede river splits into the Noord and Oude Maas rivers. At this junction, Dordrecht is facing the cities of Papendrecht and Zwijndrecht. Later on the Dordtsche Kil river connects the Oude Maas river to the Hollands Diep.

Interesting places in Dordrecht:
Station Dordrecht   Johan de Witt Gymnasium
weizichtpark dordrecht   Drechtstedenhal (IJshal) Icerink
Wantijpark   Merwesteinpark
De Rozenhof   Albert Schweitzer hospital (location Dordrecht)
Klein Dubbeldam   Station Dordrecht Zuid
shermila-rabindra   Vogelplein
Bastion hotel   Dordtse Kil I
Station Dordrecht Stadspolders  

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Nearest places of interest:

Station Dordrecht Zuid
Dordtse Kil I
Dordrecht (municipality)
Zuider Jonge Deel
Watertoren Dordrecht
Albert Schweitzer hospital (location Dordrecht)
Drechtstedenhal (IJshal) Icerink

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