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The Corinth is a city. Corinth, or Korinth (Greek: Ko'rintho*s, Krinthos; see also List of traditional Greek place names) was a Greek city-state, on the Isthmus of Corinth, the narrow stretch of land that joins the Peloponnesus to the mainland of Greece. To the west of the isthmus lies the Gulf of Corinth, to the east lies the Saronic Gulf. Corinth is about 48 miles (78 km) southwest of Athens. The isthmus, which was in ancient times traversed by hauling ships over the rocky ridge on sledges, is now cut by a canal.

Interesting places in Corinth:
Central Park Perivolakia   Square Eleftherios Venizelos
Corinth Town Rail Station   ΕΘΝΙΚΟ ΣΤΑΔΙΟ ΚΟΡΙΝΘΟΥ
6ο Σύνταγμα Πεζικού   Κατάστημα LIDL
Δημοτικό Αθλητικό Κέντρο Κορίνθου   Corinth New Rail Station
Pas Korinthos Football ground(sinikismos)   University of Peloponnese
Πανεπιστήμιο Πελοποννήσου  

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Nearest places of interest:

Δημοτικό Αθλητικό Κέντρο Κορίνθου
6ο Σύνταγμα Πεζικού
πεδίο βολής 6ου ΣΠ
  Central Park Perivolakia
Square Eleftherios Venizelos
la Basilica Paleocristiana di San Leonida
Blue Dolphin Camping

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