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The Conakry is a city. Conakry or Konakry (MalinkÚ: KOnakiri), population 2,000,000 (2002), is the capital of Guinea. The city is a port on the Atlantic Ocean. Conakry is located at 9░30' North, 13░40' West (9.5, -13.6667).

Interesting places in Conakry:
├«le Tombo   Kaloum, city center of Conakry
Stade 28 Septembre   Conakry International Airport
March├ę du Niger   Port Autonome de Conakry
Terminal du Bauxite   Novotel Ghi Conakry

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Nearest places of interest:

Conakry International Airport
Stade 28 Septembre
Lungi International Airport
Ilha Roxa

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