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Columbia University

The Columbia University is a university. Columbia University is a private university whose main campus lies in the Morningside Heights neighborhood of the Borough of Manhattan in New York City. It is one of the eight Ivy League universities, and leads the world in Nobel prize affiliations. The institution was established by the Church of England, receiving a royal charter in 1754 as King's College from George II of Great Britain. Alexander Hamilton, John Jay, Gouverneur Morris, and Robert Livingston studied at King's.

Interesting places in Columbia University:
Columbia University - Main Campus   College Walk
Teachers College   Barnard College
Marcellus Hartley Dodge Physical Fitness Center - Entrance   Columbia University Low Library
Columbia Business School - Uris Hall   East Campus
Image Reading Center, 14th Floor   Avery hall
Havemeyer   116th Street Columbia University Station [1]
School of the Arts - Dodge Hall   Amsterdam Avenue Overpass
Alfred Lerner Hall   Columbia University - Butler Library
Columbia University - Engineering School   Columbia Journalism School
Hamilton Hall   Buell Hall
Main Hall (Teachers College)   Columbia Law School -- Jerome Greene Hall
Furnald Hall   John Jay
North-West Corner Building  

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Nearest places of interest:

College Walk
School of the Arts - Dodge Hall
Columbia University - Main Campus
Alma Mater statue
  Columbia University Low Library
Avery hall
Earl Hall
Lewisohn Hall

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