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Central Washington University

The Central Washington University is a university. the Central Washington University is part of Ellensburg, Washington .

Interesting places in Central Washington University:
Meisner Hall   Barto Hall
Sparks Hall   Ganges river
Stephens-Whitney Hall   SURC
Bouillion Hall   Samuelson Building
Black Hall   Shaw-Smeyser Hall
Hogue Technology Building   Sue Lombard Hall
Nicholson Pavillion   Michaelsen Hall
Psychology Building   Barge Hall
"The Row" (Carmady Manrow) Residence Hall   Language & Literature Building - Central Washington University

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Nearest places of interest:

Stephens-Whitney Hall
Barto Hall
Sparks Hall
  Hogue Technology Building
"The Row" (Carmady Manrow) Residence Hall
Michaelsen Hall
Nicholson Pavillion

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