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The Castres is a municipality. Castres (''Castras'' in the Languedocian dialect of Occitan language) is a town and commune of Languedoc in south-western France. It is the capital of an arrondissement in the ''département'' of Tarn, itself in the ''région'' of Midi-Pyrénées. With a population of 61,760 inhabitants in the metropolitan area in 1999, Castres is the third-largest industrial centre of Midi-Pyrénées (a (...)

Interesting places in Castres:
Cathédrale de Castres   Centre Hospitalier de Castres-Mazamet
Stade Pierre Atoine   Golf de Castres-Gourjade
8e RPIMa   Zone Commerciale Geant

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Nearest places of interest:

Abbaye d'En Calcat
bassin de Lampy
Zone Commerciale Geant
  Centre Hospitalier de Castres-Mazamet
Cathédrale de Castres
Cathédrale de Lavaur

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