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The Burgenland is a state. Burgenland (Hungarian Vrvidk, O"rvidk or Felso"o"rvidk, Croatian Gradisce, Slovenian Gradiscansko) is the easternmost and least populous state or Land of Austria. It consists of two Statutarstdte (towns with a charter) and seven districts with in total 171 municipalities. It is 166 km long from north to south but much narrower from west to east (only 5 km wide at Sieggraben).

Interesting places in Burgenland:
Leithagebirge   Fertő - Neusiedler See

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Nearest places of interest:

Vas County
Ajkai kistérség
  Sopron-Fertődi kistérség
Soproni Tájvédelmi Körzet
Ödenburger Gebirge

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