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The Bensonhurst is a neighbourhood.

Interesting places in Bensonhurst:
Center of historic "New Utrecht"    New Utrecht Avenue/62nd Street (BMT West End and Sea Beach Lines) (D)(M)(N)
Bay Parkway (BMT West End Line) (D)(M)   Leif Ericson Park
GW Supermarket (formerly Old Fortway Theater)   71st Street (BMT West End Line) (D)(M)
20th Avenue (BMT West End Line) (D)(M)   Fort Hamilton Parkway (BMT Sea Beach Line) (N)
79th Street (BMT West End Line) (D)(M)   18th Avenue (BMT West End Line) (D)(M)
New Utrecht High School   Seth Low Park
Lefferts Park, Park (Satellite Park)   Our Lady of Guadaloupe Roman Catholic Church & School
86the Street Chevrolet & Saab "Dealer"   Golden Bay Seafood Chinese Restaurant
Bay Parkway (BMT Sea Beach Line) (N)   McKinley Park Playground
McKinley Park Plaza   Workout Area
Reginc Pacis RC Church   Is 187 Christa Mcauliffe School
Parkville Little League Youth Organization   Marboro Theater

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Nearest places of interest:

79th Street (BMT West End Line) (D)(M)
New Utrecht High School
Seth Low Park
Marboro Theater
  18th Avenue (BMT Sea Beach Line) (N)
20th Avenue (BMT Sea Beach Line) (N)
Lefferts Park, Park (Satellite Park)
71st Street (BMT West End Line) (D)(M)

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