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The Bamako is a city. Bamako, population 1,690,471 (2006), is the capital of Mali, and is the biggest city in the country. It is located on the Niger River, near the rapids that divide the Upper and Middle Niger Valleys, in the southwestern part of the country. Bamako is the nation's administrative center, as well as a river port and a major regional trade center. Manufactures include textiles, processed meat and metal goods. There is commercial fishing on the Niger River. Bamako is located at 1239'N 80'W.^

Interesting places in Bamako:
Medina coura   Bagadadji
Niaréla   Badalabougou
Sogoniko   Bankoni
Niamakoro   Bozola
Missira   Djelibougou Doumanzana
ECICA   Quizambougou
Faladié   Sotuba
Koulouba   Bamako - Senou International Airport
Quartier du fleuve   Martyrs Bridge (Pont des martyrs)
Lafiabougou   Quartier Mali
Pont des martyrs   Bamako-coura
Hamdallaye   Le grand marché de Bamako
Pont de l'amitié Sino-Malienne  

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Nearest places of interest:

Quartier Mali
  Lycée de badalabougou
Cite du Niger
Badalabougou, Bamako, Commune V

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