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The Alsace is a region. Alsace (French: Alsace; Alsatian and German: Elsass, also German: Elsa▀) is one of the 26 rÚgions of France, located on the eastern border of France, on the west bank of the Upper Rhine, adjacent to Germany and Switzerland. Its capital and largest city is Strasbourg. It has changed hands between France and Germany many times, this explains an overall characteristic of the architecture, mentality, mood, attitude, language, cuisine, music, costume, dress, customs, aspirations, look of the people, design, image, infrastructure, economy, policing, administration, self-management and interests and hobbies generally points towards a more Germanic outlook than French. Wrapped in history, the Alsace to this day is a centre for Europe (Strasbourg) and a tremendous spot for tourists. Its cosmopolital background makes it a worthwhile place to visit.

Interesting places in Alsace:
Strasbourg   Centre Historique de Strasbourg

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Nearest places of interest:

Canton Jura
Old City of BernđÁ
Freiburg im Breisgau
Centre Historique de Strasbourg
Luxembourg City

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