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The Abadan is a city. Abadan (aMb+a+d+a+n+ in Persian) is a city in the Khuzestan province in southwestern Iran (Persia). It lies on Abadan Island, on the Arvand river. In 2005, the population was estimated to be at 415,139. The civilian population of the city dropped to near zero during the eight-years Iran-Iraq war. In 1992, only 84,774 had returned to live in the city. By 2001, the population had jumped to 206,073, only to double in the past five years.

Interesting places in Abadan:
گمرک   آبادان سرزمین پارسی
Ahmad Abad   Braim, Residential Area

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Nearest places of interest:

Minoo Island
Ahmad Abad
  آبادان سرزمین پارسی
Shadegan Wildlife Refuge
Braim, Residential Area

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