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Strange Roof of a Jail

Strange Roof of a Jail
Made by Alireza Teimoury
This a dome-shape strange building had built 400 years ago. in all these years it has got many functions (for the time being it's an amphitheater of Art University of Esfahan and called Tohid-Khane. Once it was a jail!!! There is a big cotton textile in the roof (you see) and when the lights are all out you see weak light of sunlight in textile. Look at the Quran sura under the textile! five more photos: teimoury.persiangig.ir/image/dome/

more roofs, isfahan, iran october 2007

more roofs, isfahan, iran october 2007
Made by seier+seier
descriptions and reconstructions of ancient samarra, capital of the caliphat after medina, damascus, and baghdad, tell of a city of domes hovering above an urban fabric in just one storey. 17th century isfahan was much the same and didn't change until late in the 20th century. a project shown here behind a royal safavid pavillion was recently stopped by UNESCO who threatened to take away isfahan's status as UNESCO world heritage site if the building was completed.

Music room

Music room
Made by SureshJ
Inside the Ali Qapu palace. Isfahan


Made by mohammad_rouhbakhsh

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